About Us

1000way.com is a subsidery  of Jifri Export Company Limited (JEC) and with partners in middle east including : 

1-Refall Trading Company (United Arab Emirates)

2-Alroeiah Alarabiah For Trading (Saudia Arabia ) 

3-Matajer Altakhfidat Company (Saudia Arabia ) 

JEC has been established on 2005 in Yiwu and currently have branched in Guangzhou and Xuzhou China.

With strong reputation Alhamdolelah our network of customer has expanded and our customer include:

  1. 1.     lnahdi Company (Jeddah)

    2.      Alamer Est (Dammam)

    3.      Ansaq Company( Riyadh)

    4.      Waja (Riyadh)

    5.      King Abdullah Knowledge City (Madinah)

    6.      Alaqsaa Schools (Jeddah)

    7.      Rawan trading company (Dammam)

    8.      Ahmed Kasem Alamoudi Group

    9.      Riyalino (Jeddah)

    10.   Buridah Dates Festival ( Alqaseem)

    11.   Julnar Adv Co ( Alriyadh)

    12.   SEDCO (Jeddah)

    13.   Alatas Co (Jeddah)

    14.   Oasis Pharmacy (Alriyadh)

    15.   Aldinar Company (Jeddah )

    16.   Makkion (Makkah)

    17.   Areejha (Jeddah)

    18.   Alakhaween Co (Jeddah)

    19.   Mahafel Co (Alqaseem)

    20.   Olian Co (Alqaseem)

 And many others